Discover the Benefits of Alternative Investments

vineyard1140If you are an investor with a portfolio weighted mostly in stocks and bonds, you may be frustrated by its performance and your inability to do anything about it.

You’ve seen the news about private companies making people rich and news about the gains in real property and other real investments. And maybe you wonder if it’s possible to include these alternative¬†¬†investments in your portfolio…

But without the expertise of specialists, it is difficult to uncover and assess the risks and merits of these or any alternative investment strategy.

That’s where ASI Capital comes in.

Alternative Investments Based on the Real Economy

ASI Capital helps individual investors invest with confidence in the ‘real’ economy. We offer access to investments based on alternative strategies – investments that fall outside the ‘traditional’ stock and bond markets.

These alternative investment strategies are not new. In fact, university endowment funds, trusts, and institutions have been realizing the portfolio stabilizing benefits for decades. Take the Yale Endowment, for example:

Over the past two decades, Yale dramatically reduced the Endowment’s dependence on domestic marketable securities by reallocating assets to nontraditional asset classes. In 1993, 47 percent of the Endowment was committed to U.S. stocks, bonds and cash. Today, target allocations call for 11 percent in domestic marketable securities…” [Yale Endowment Update, 2013]

We at ASI Capital believe the value of these alternative investment strategies is that they are based on real world investments.

Find out if our alternative investments are right for you. Have your financial advisor contact us to get more information.

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